Men's Underwear | CushyTogs

We created a new style of Men’s pouch fly underwear with a built-in pouch to keep you in place all day long.  Our pouch keeps you separate and secure ensuring that you don't need to adjust your underwear.  You can go about your day feeling comfortable and confident.  Our underwear's moisture management is a high-tech topical treatment that ensures our garments will outperform those made with ordinary fabrics. Check out the video in the product pictures for more information about how the pouch works!



The pouch comfortably cradles you between two layers of super soft mesh fabric. No adjustment necessary.


Our care label is outside and doubles as a handy handle when nature calls.


Super comfortable internal access to the pouch. Stops you from being tangled in the short and curlies.


Our fabric is really, really, really stretchy providing the most comfort. Great for activities and long-lasting.


Patented anti-roll hem. Designed by scientists for rockstars. The underwear stays nice and snug.


Super soft, stretchy, elastic waist band. 


No scratchy tags inside. Life is tough enough.


Seamless construction. Keeps the ladies eyes on the buns, not the lines.


Inspired, designed, and manufactured in the US. We are an American brand.


Our mesh fabric allows air to circulate and keeps you cool and dry.  

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the product, we will gladly exchange it for a different style, color, or give you a full refund for your order.