4 Fashion Tips for Business Travelers

4 Fashion Tips for Business Travelers

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Traveling for work requires careful planning, and not just in regard to the business side of things. Your wardrobe is a crucial part of making a good impression and is also a great way to boost your self-confidence ahead of important meetings.

Follow these four easy tips so you can always feel good, look professional with minimal effort and make the most out of your business trip.


When you are traveling for business, you will most likely have more important things to worry about than finding a jacket or a tie to match an extravagantly colored shirt. Keep it simple: your safest bet is to make sure all your shirts go with all your suits and accessories, so you won't have to waste any time or mental energy on putting together your outfits each morning.


Ironing your shirts in your hotel room is not the most entertaining activity you can plan for your trip. Yet, if you pack regular cotton shirts, you will find yourself wrestling with an ironing board instead of using your free time to explore a new city, relax by the pool or have some down time with your coworkers. Or, you will have to pay someone to do it for you. Either way, it is a waste of time or money that you can spend on much more interesting things. Cushytogs dress shirts are made from a wrinkle-free activewear fabric that doesn't require to be ironed - which means they look perfect straight out of the suitcase!


If you will be spending your day on an airplane or a train, the last thing you want is to be wearing underwear that is itchy, too tight, non-breathable or otherwise uncomfortable. A little discomfort will turn into hours of suffering, so make sure you are wearing a pair that is stretchy, breathable and designed with comfort in mind - like our Mens pouch trunks. Boxers made in the US!


It's easy to get overwhelmed while packing for a trip and forget things that are not strictly necessary, like fashion accessories. However, wearing a high-quality leather belt or an elegant tie and handkerchief set can take your look from simple to sophisticated; so keep them in mind when planning your outfits before leaving on a business trip.

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    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box

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