Why CushyTogs?

Why CushyTogs?

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Why did we decide to create a clothing line dedicated to comfort in San Carlos?

It all started over a glass of wine

One evening in the Town restaurant in San Carlos my wife Kelly and I were talking and I asked why don't they make comfortable dress shirts? Why can't I find dress shirts in the same comfortable fabric that you find in Athletic wear like Nike? Kelly said "We should make one". So we decided to see if the market was looking for something new.


We decided we wanted to create a brand that was made in the US. With everybody else making clothing in Asia we wanted to be different in 2 ways.

1. Our brand would be made in the USA.

2. It would be stylish but also amazingly comfortable.


Our search for US made fabric that was not only comfortable but durable took us to LA, where we found a US fabric manufacturer. After days and weeks sampling lots of different fabric we chose the perfect fit for our shirts.


Next we set out to find someone to make our shirts in the US. We were lucky to find a clothing manufacturer also in LA.

Our Journey

Once we had our first sample made we tested it for months to ensure that while the fabric was super soft and comfortable it also held up to lots of washing and daily wear and tear. We were really pleased with our sample and had a batch of shirts made and we were even more delighted with the reaction we got! Our Non iron, no dry cleaning active wear dress shirt was ready for the world!

What's next

Now with our line of shirts launched we are thinking of lots of other ideas to bring style and comfort to the fabulous people of the world. Maybe Mens pouch trunks, Boxers made in the US?

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    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box

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