How to Choose a Casual Dress for Summer

How to Choose a Casual Dress for Summer

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Summer is here and so are the sunny days, beachside walks and long weekends. While it's relatively easy to look polished and pulled together at the office - all you need is a nice wrinkle free white dress shirt, after all - getting dressed up for weekends and holidays might feel like a daunting task.

It shouldn't be!

Looking and feeling great while you are around your friends and family is just as important as impressing your colleagues, boss or business partners with a stylish professional outfit. The only difference is that you have much more freedom in choosing your casual outfits - no dress code, no rules, no restrictions.

It's fun to experiment with what you wear in your free time, but every summer wardrobe needs to have a few great basics, and the best basic piece you can have is a high quality, casual summer dress.

But how to choose the perfect one?

First of all, make sure it is made of natural fabrics like cotton, silk or linen. These are breathable, pleasant to the touch and make you feel comfortable even in the hottest weather. Cotton is by far the most popular fabric for casual summer clothes because of how easy it is to wear. Cotton knits will feel soft against your skin and are a great choice if you want to show off your curves in a classy, casual way.

While choosing your basic casual dress for summer 2019, make sure it fits you comfortably (clothes that are too-tight, scratchy or otherwise uncomfortable are a disaster during the summer months) and that it has a simple cut so you can change it up with accessories every time you wear it, and dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

With that being said, it should most definitely have at least one little detail that draws the eye. Our favorite for this season is a high thigh slit that turns even the most demure dress into a fashion statement and an expression of femininity.

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