The New Trend in Men's Underwear

The New Trend in Men's Underwear

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

It is a common misconception that women are the only ones who care about how fashionable and stylish their underwear is. In our experience, men care just as much about their undergarments, both in terms of look and comfort. It comes as no surprise, because even on days when no one else sees what he is wearing underneath his clothes, a man's day can be made or ruined by his choice of underwear.

The right pair can make you feel confident, comfortable and ready to face any challenge life throws your way. Comfort is, of course, super important - we did develop the concept of our men's pouch fly underwear with that in mind, after all - but we can't ignore the fact that more and more men are interested in wearing underpants with personality: fashionable designs that reflect who they are and that are in harmony with their personal style.

Many men choose briefs, trunks or boxers depending on their figure and body type, and they tend to choose the fabric according to what their typical day looks like. For example, if you are a busy go-getter whose day is scheduled from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep, if you move around a lot or do sports, a lightweight mesh fabric is the perfect choice for you.

There's one thing that men can learn from women when it comes to underwear: wearing colors is fun! And not just fun; a man who wears vibrant colors exudes confidence, boldness and sex appeal. Men all over the world are increasingly adopting this trend and while traditional black, white and grey underpants have always been and will always be a good choice, it is worth trying something new. Start experimenting with bright colors - you will love it!

Our new golden yellow pouch fly trunks and boxer briefs are a nod to that trend. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box

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