What is Pouch Underwear

What is Pouch Underwear

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Pouch underwear is defined as underwear for men that has a built in pouch to keep your man parts in a separate pouch. This design eliminates the need for men to constantly adjust their underwear. There are several different designs on the market.

Saax underwear. Saxx underwear has what they call a ball park pouch. This is a pouch that is built into the underwear that keeps the male anatomy in a separate pouch. I have tried this design and it is very popular with a lot of men. This design eliminates the issue of the male anatomy rubbing or sticking to the inner thighs.

While I like this design I wanted to go one step further and design a style of underwear for men that had a totally separate pouch. I wanted to create a super soft pouch to keep men separate and comfortable all day long. We call this our Mens pouch trunks collection. We also wanted to create a brand of Boxers made in the USA.

We started out with the search for a really nice soft stretchy fabric that was made in the USA. We found a fabric we really liked from Texollini, they are an American fabric mill based in Los Angeles. Our underwear's moisture management is a high-tech topical treatment that ensures our trunks and boxer briefs will outperform those made with ordinary fabrics. With its proven ability to wick away moisture, the Vaportex finishing treatment means you stay drier, longer, meaning you can play, work or work out that much longer and harder, all while remaining comfortable and not dripping with sweat. You will love the way you feel!

The outside of our underwear is constructed of a super soft super stretchy mesh. On the inside there is an access to the pouch. The pouch in our mens pouch trunks is designed to keep you in a separate pouch so that it eliminates any rubbing or sticking to the skin and stops any chaffing or scratching.

When nature calls the pouch is accessed via pulling on the tab on the front of the pouch. The fabric of the pouch is stretchy enough that you don't need to pull down our boxer briefs or mens pouch trunks in order to go to the bathroom. Simply pull down on the pouch and when you are done release the tab slowly and you are good to go.

Our favorite features of the new men’s pouch fly underwear:

  • a built-in pouch to keep you in place all day long

  • an advanced moisture management system (high-tech topical treatment)an unparalleled sense of comfort

  • it keeps you separate and secure

  • no need to adjust your underwear during the day!

  • It is the perfect underwear style for doing sports, but you will also love it when you sit at work from 9 to 5, and you will definitely not want to leave it at home when you pack your holiday suitcase! It’s also a great choice for date nights, we’re being told.

  • Boxers made in the US

Check out the video for more details on our line.

We have received lots of great feedback about our mens pouch trunks, it's our best selling item at our store (977 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA). Customers definitely appreciate the fact that we have boxers made in the USA. They really like our mens pouch trunks and boxer briefs and our latest line in men's briefs sold out in 3 days!

So if you are on the search for the next level of comfort try our mens pouch trunks, you will like the way you feel!

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    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box
    • mens pouch trunks ,pouch briefs, box

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